Family Photography

Family is the most important thing in this world, so why wouldn’t you want to capture every moment together? 
Doing a photoshoot as a family shouldn’t have to be a ‘big deal’- especially with little ones! As parents, we would love to have more pictures with our kids but could potentially dread the event itself. Being told to pose in front of a camera can often be quite stressful for adults, let alone kids! 
I am here to help take the stigma away from that. I want to offer you the chance to have a fun-filled photoshoot to help get those memories of your family that you will keep forever. By creating your own photoshoot package with me, we can work together to get the photos you’ve always wanted but have only ever dreamt of! Picnic in the park, family dog walk, or even relaxing in your own home; I want to give you the chance to have those photos of your favourite people. Who knows, Nan and Grandad might want to get involved!​​​​​​​
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